Naming the Apple Tablet, Take 2

I was visiting the Apple home page when it struck me. The “iSlate” (no, it won’t be called that) has to fit in somewhere. There are three buttons at the top of

– Mac
– iPod + iTunes
– iPhone

The Mac product line goes back 25-years, but the Apple Tablet won’t be a “Mac”, as I explained in my previous post. The tablet also won’t be an “iPhone”, you don’t want customers to imagine holding up a page-sized device to their face. I also think that there doesn’t need to be a new product category for the tablet because:

  • The iPod touch is already a tablet, it is the pocket version of what I think the Apple Tablet will be.
  • The iPod line started 8 years ago and is still growing (pun with the tablet being an overgrown iPod intended). No need to create yet another category, this one has plenty of room to continue defining itself distinctively.
  • “iPod” already does music, books, video, podcasts, all the stuff a small tablet would also be fun to use for.
  • iTunes is the store for all this, and is closely associated to “iPod”
  • Labeling it iPod clearly sets expectations, nobody will expect it to do everything a Mac can.
  • Calling it an iPod might weaken the strong image that iPods are pocket music devices, but will give the tablet a clear, well known space to exist in. Besides, the iPod touch being marketed for games has already started a new trend away from music devices.
  • If the device was called something like “iPod page” it would fit nicely into the iPod area of the Apple site, and its specialty, size, will be obvious (heck, it even has something to do with “e-reader” while you’re at it)
  • A name like “Apple <something>” would not be great, that’s reserved for devices which are iTunes-related but certainly not “iPods”, like the AppleTV.

So that’s it, the tablet is going to be an iPod. My guess is it will be named something along the lines of…

– iPod page
– iPod slate

You know, something like: stretch, mega (nickname: “megapod”!), tera, maxi (“the Maxi Pod/Maxi Pad”!), web, surf. Other ideas in previous posts, but I like “page” best.

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