12 Things I’d like to see in the next iPhone

Saw a blog post from Alan Zeichick (I know him as Editor, SD Times) about this. Here’s my own list:

1 )  A way for apps to get stuff done in the background. Like record my location throughout the day, or record audio, or communicate data, or check in to work when detecting the WiFi, there are a ton of things that could be enabled.

2 )  A front facing camera for video chat, even if only over WiFi.

3 )  Better battery life, but without resorting to a removeable battery. iPhone is indestructible, I like that. At most, a way to tack on an extra battery on the back, not through the iPod connector.

4 )  Screen that takes all of the iPhone’s surface, no forehead or chin at top and bottom. Less bezel on sides. Hard work must be done, but the Home button should not take up that space it takes up. Find a solution (clickable screen similar to the MacBook’s clickable trackpad?)

5 )   Better vibrator, it is slightly too easy to miss now.

6 )  More Flash Ram (as usual)

7 )  Faster processor (yes, while still improving battery life)

8 )  Better camera (faster, better optics, anything you can do including a flash for the camera)

9 )  Sync and back up the phone to the cloud, not iTunes (as part of a larger strategy too long to discuss here, but suffice it to say that Windows Phone does this)

10 )  Option to auto-update apps

11 )  One millimeter thinner every three years, it’s time. Yes, even with the faster processor and longer battery life. Repeat what you did with iPods in the last 9 years.

12 )  Full, fast, accurate voice recognition that works (types in what you say) in any app, easily turned on when desired.

Aww yeah!



  1. I for one don’t care about a millimetre thicker or slimmer. Considering the current device’s thickness, I believe we could have 50% better battery life by adding less than 2mm.

    Larger screen, yes. Front facing camera? Yes — only if it’s a second camera.

    Forget 11. There’s no need for that until the phone is able to withstand a weekend of more-than-idling.

  2. Odi Kosmatos says:

    Well, I can forget about *removing* 1 mm, but to *add* 2 mm is going in the wrong direction. Instead of making it bigger, just give me #3 above, the extra battery you can piggyback elegantly and sleekly for when you are away from your docking station, car, etc.

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