The dock connector shrinks, but stays around for the environment?

“[the dock connector is] a fantastic invention… so fantastic that, even after ten years, Apple has no reason to abandon it. The only thing they need to do to keep the Dock Connector relevant is slim it down by ditching the pins no one needs anymore. And once Apple does that with the iPhone 5, expect the new, slimmer, 19-Pin Apple Dock Connector to last another ten years… until we finally ditch tethering our iDevices to other gadgets once and for all.

This is the conclusion in this pretty detailed article.

Well, I guess (once again), I’m thinking too far ahead. In my mind (and in this post), the time was supposed to be now. I’m going to owe some colleagues some beer. I had bet them that the dock connector was not going to be for data anymore. Just power.

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