Bitcoin vs. Fiat

Bitcoin is finite
Fiat is infinite

Bitcoin is open source
Fiat is closed source

Bitcoin is delayed gratification
Fiat is instant gratification

Bitcoin is decentralized 
Fiat is centralized

Bitcoin is saving
Fiat is spending

Bitcoin is money
Fiat is debt

Bitcoin is peace
Fiat is war

Bitcoin is hope 
Fiat is hopelessness

Bitcoin is property
Fiat is thievery

Bitcoin is an exotic sports car
Fiat is a broken down Fiat

Bitcoin is your servant
Fiat is your master

Bitcoin is freedom
Fiat is control

Bitcoin is truth
Fiat is lies

Bitcoin is curiosity
Fiat is numbing

Bitcoin is the future
Fiat is the past

Bitcoin mining uses electricity 
Fiat mining uses you

Bitcoin is love
Fiat is Hate

Bitcoin goes to the moon
Fiat goes to hell

Bitcoin is signal
Fiat is noise

Bitcoin is clarity
Fiat is obfuscation

Bitcoin is rules
Fiat is rulers

Bitcoin circles the earth.
Fiat circles the drain.

Bitcoin is self-responsibility
Fiat is victimization

Bitcoin is Fuck You Money
Fiat is Money That Fucks You

Fiat grants the government the right to run your life
Bitcoin grants you the right to run the government

Fiat gives you compounding debt
Bitcoin gives you compounding wealth

Fiat is income tax tech
Bitcoin is income stacks tech

Bitcoin is
Fiat isn’t

Bitcoin is everything
Fiat is

This is a curated, edited list from this Twitter thread by @GunnarStoedle. Also this tweet. And this, this and this tweet.

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