Bitcoin energy use

Here is my collection of tweets, quotes and articles that deal with most aspects of bitcoin energy use, to help you with your research. Also included is a basic “How energy works and bitcoin’s use of it”. Find it below.

On worthiness

On helping build the energy grid

Convert CH4 to CO2 – the scale of it


From Michael Saylor

Nic Carter video

Driver of renewable energy

Comparing to paper, gold and banking system

On total world energy use

On methane

More methane (CH4)

An article:

A tweet:

Another tweet:

Is it destroying the planet?

Since when?

Super chart

Square Bitcoin mining

Introduction to how energy works and bitcoin’s use of it

Financial incentives to lead the energy revolution to renewable, greener energy types

VS fiat consumerism

VS fiat war

Chinese miners explaining how they move around

On hypocrisy

The market chooses what is actually useful or not

Highest penetration of renewable power

Past transactions vs current transactions

Economically viable renewables

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