[Redacted] Kosmatos

I love computers, software development, virtual worlds, massively massively multiplayer games (so, none).

40 years ago, in 1981, I was 10 years old. I started programming by typing in computer programs from magazines (like “Compute!”) and trying them out. When I was a late teen, I developed multi-player online games for the Atari ST, as well as a multi-user BBS program, a play-by-modem chess game, and various utilities. Nearly 30 years ago, I co-founded [Redacted] a company focused on creating programming libraries and controls. It is under new leadership now. Later, I co-founded [Redacted], makers of online multi-player games for the iPhone, like [Redacted]. I’ve started a new company in 2021.

I love Apple and Tesla, and hope Microsoft comes back in the consumer space with some kind of AR glasses for the masses, or later, pure VR headsets. The advertising company known as Google is mostly dead to me, but I use some of their stuff. I am not fond of Samsung for their underhanded tactics, negative advertising, and copycat attitude.

I am a huge bitcoin supporter (forever, Justine, forever) and believe in the game changing, world-bettering possibilities if it is adopted more universally as money.

I invest in the following stocks almost exclusively: AAPL, AMZN, TSLA, NFLX, FB. A little SQ as well. Actually as of around mid-2021, it’s nearly all TSLA.

I don’t invest in shitcoins. I also think Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are trash.

I’m on Twitter, but you’ll have to find me. I’m out there, tweeting under an alias, the correct way. My previous Twitter handle is now private and on standby until further notice.

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