Apple TV+ MIA

During the COVID-19 lockdown so far, a time when streaming services and their shows are the talk of the town, there’s one streaming video service I am hearing nothing about.

Apple TV+ was launched late last year with a few original shows (and seemingly nothing else, no back catalog). I can barely remember what the new shows are. From memory: A space series, a time-period piece, an alternate timeline movie called “See.”, an Oprah series, and the morning TV talk show featuring Steve Carrell. The actor now being featured in a new Netflix series I saw an advertisement for.

I am a subscriber of Apple TV+. But I don’t watch it, I don’t use it, I couldn’t even tell you if Apple has cancelled it or not. Nobody is talking about it. There are no ads anywhere reminding me it even exists. When I had checked it out at first, there seemed to be nothing of interest to me on the service. Right now there’s nothing of interest to me on Disney+ either, after having finished The Mandalorean season, but at least I see Disney+ mentioned here and there either by friends, in business news, or even in the paid Apple/Tech newsletters I subscribe to.

Apple has a lot to do to catch up with Netflix in this space. So far, it’s not working for me.