How Microsoft can break into the smartphone market

Here’s how Microsoft can break into the smartphone market.

1) Announce Windows 8 for computers + phones simultaneously during a special event dedicated solely to this launch.

2) During the same keynote, announce and demonstrate the first Windows 8 phone, the reference design, made by Nokia. A totally new design, Nokia’s best ever. Hold off on announcing phones from other partners for another event.

3) Announce the release date for 2 months later. During the keynote, provide the link for developers to the new SDK update they will need to make the appropriate universal apps that run on both W8 phones and touchscreen tablets/desktops.

4) Spend $2B on advertising over the course of the next year. Essentially, double their previous WP7 and Windows 7 budgets combined. Windows 8 is a consumer OS. All this Metro stuff is not targeted to businesses. The message has to come in loud…

5) …and clear. The ad campaign, and launch campaign’s sole message: Windows 8 is a revolutionary new touchscreen Windows that is integrated with social networks and runs on all your devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and your phone. Download an app for your phone, and it also runs on your PC and all your other devices. Nobody else does this.

6) Resist the urge to talk about anything else, like Xbox Live, Office, etc. Keep that first volley of messages simple, because the world has adapted to Android and iOS and they are already used to lots of bells and whistles. Your most significant advantage is your revolutionary live tiles UI and social net integration that works on ALL a person’s computers. Focus on it.

What do you think?